What Is Better to Buy In Hawaii, Condo Or Townhouse

Hawaii offers excellent real estate choices and opportunities for potential homeowners. It offers all the tropical bounties that one may need. From the sunshine to the islands and beaches. Real estate in this state is quite expensive because interests in it are not limited to the United States of America. People from Asian countries such as China, Japan, and Hong Kong are also active buyers in Hawaii’s real estate market.

If you are thinking of moving to Hawaii or buying real estate there, one of the choices you have to make is what type of home you would be buying. The option can be between a condo and a townhouse. People have various reasons why they prefer one to the other, and new homeowners usually have to experience the headache of comparing both in relation to the market before buying. In this article, we make a comparison for you. All you have to do is read through and make your decision.

The Difference Between Condo and Townhouse

A condominium is a residential unit with a building that has a collection of other residential units. When you purchase a condo, you are buying your unit, which you have sole ownership of, and joint ownership of the building with all its amenities such as a driveway, parking lot, pool, elevator, etc. with other people in the condo.

A townhouse is an individual property that may share walls with the adjacent home. When you buy a townhouse, the ownership of the property and the land belong solely to you. Thus, it is similar to a single-family home except for the walls you may share with other houses.

The terms townhouse and condo refer more to the home’s ownership structure and rights rather than the architecture.

What is the Better Purchase in Hawaii?

According to a report, over 60% of those living in Oahu reside in a condo home, and a condo home is considered a modern lifestyle. The sole reason for this is the limited space in Hawaii and the development opportunities that condo offers. That said, here is a comparison of both structures using a number of factors:

Homeowner Association

Condos and townhouses both have homeowner associations in charge of maintaining the common spaces in the building. For a condo, the homeowner association is usually in charge of maintaining the whole structure and amenities since everything is a shared space apart from your indoor living space. This usually means paying more HOA fees than you will pay in a townhouse where the shared space is minimal. Some homeowner’s associations in the condo also have rules that restrict certain things such as pets, smoking in shared areas, parking restrictions, etc.

Privacy and Space

Depending on the structure, a condo can offer you space and privacy. But this cannot be compared with what you will get in a townhouse where you have your own exclusive area.


Most condos come with various state of the art amenities such as gym, swimming pool, sports facilities, and many features shared by all. It is rare to have these amenities in a townhouse, which means you have to do it yourself.

Financing and Resale

Obtaining financing for a condo in Hawaii is a very tricky process due to these condos’ unique characteristics. You may have to pay higher interest to get the funding. Selling your condo may also be difficult, especially if the HOA is not so active, and the building is in disrepair. If they are and the building is in great condition, you are in luck. Since you’re in charge of maintaining your property, the resale value is always in your hand for a townhouse.


Figuring out which works for you is a personal decision you’ll have to make based on suitability and finances. All in all, there is no clear winner as they both have advantages and agencies.