If you are thinking of building a home, one of the first things you have to consider is the foundation. It is probably the most fundamental part of your home because it is what all other parts literally stand on. The kind of foundation you will use will depend on factors such as your home design, water table depth, soil type, quality of backfill, etc.  One of the choices you may have to make when it comes to constructing your home foundation is whether you will use a concrete contractor or a home builder. We look at the two options and consider which is best in that situation.

Concrete Contractor

 A concrete contractor is a company, team, or individual trained and licensed in the use of concrete for construction. Such contractors can use or manage concrete in any of its stages and deliver good and custom work for the clients depending on the experience. Due to the fact that concrete is that material used to construct home foundations, it goes without saying that a concrete contractor is usually an expert in this type of job as well as any other stage of homebuilding where concrete is needed. 


A home builder can also be described as a residential contractor. This is so because their job is to oversee all aspects of home construction or remodeling. Most times, a home builder is not just one person but also a team or company specializing in different parts of the construction. The areas of specializations will depend on the housing demands and most times. A home builder work with other contractors to build the home.  

On average, it takes twenty-two subcontractors to build a home, and the homebuilder usually acts as the general contractor in charge of all these subcontractors. This means it is the home builder that hires the sub-contractors and coordinates their work to ensure it is in consonance with the overall building plan and design. Other details of home building, such as permits, zoning regulations, etc. are usually handled by the home builder who serves as the general contractor. It should be noted that it is possible for a home builder to include concrete contractors who will design and construct your home foundation for you. However, the license and registration criteria for a homebuilder is usually never the same when compared with what applies to a concrete contactor since the home builder shoulders more responsibilities.

There are also instances where the homebuilder work is restricted to building your home, and they don’t double as the general contractor. In such cases, it becomes your duty (if you don’t have a general contractor) to get all the required permits. This will usually save you money, and you only have to worry about hiring subcontractors for electricity, water, and other small but important details of our home yourself.  

Who You Should Hire

It is advisable to hire a home builder as they will oversee almost all parts of your construction even when they are not general contractors instead of concrete contractors who, in most cases, will usually stop at the foundation.

Should You Hire A Home Builder Or Concrete Contractor For Your Home Foundation?