Rewiring involves removing the old and outdated wiring and installing new wire according to the current national standards and electric code. It is often done simultaneously with an upgrade of your electrical main panel. If you own a home for decades, you are likely to have to do it. However, you should only expect to have to rewire your home once.

No one can imagine living without electricity in the current times. As technology evolves, there are more and more devices and appliances that we buy. They all consume electricity. Having an outdated or faulty electrical system may prevent you from fully enjoying those appliances, and even damage them in the long run. On one hand, rewiring will allow you to upgrade your system to current standards. On the other hand, the rewiring can be very expensive. When does it really make sense to rewire your whole house?

Problems With Your Current Electrical System

Every homeowner should be aware of the signs indicating electrical problems. For example, flickering or dimming lights, fuses that blow frequently, a persistent burning smell, and of course, electrical shocks. Occasionally you should inspect your outlets to make sure there is no discoloration or that they are not hanging. While these problems may be well solved by doing some electrical repairs, there could also be some problems with the electrical wiring itself. Either way, it is advised to contact a trusted electrician to check it out and give his best recommendation. 

Your Electrical Wiring is Old

If the electrical wiring of your home is older than 30 years, it is a good idea to start thinking about rewiring, especially if you noticed any of the above-described problems. Even within the US, some states tend to have older houses, and others are fairly new and modern. California seems to have quite a variety, however. Bryson, a trusted Pasadena electrician reports a lot of old homes in downtown Pasadena for which complete house rewiring is a popular service.

You Are Looking To Upgrade Your Main Panel to 200 Amps

If you look around your home, you need electricity for a lot of devices. Most homes need a 200-amp electrical panel to satisfy the current electrical needs. However, the great majority of old homes only have a 60-amp panel. If you are looking to upgrade your electrical panel, chances are your wiring is old too. Therefore, you may want to consider looking at rewiring the whole house at the same time.

You Have Too Many Extension Cords and Extra Power Strips

Look around your house. If you have your current outlet’s overloaded extension cords you cause an overload to your electrical system. In the long run that will cause damage and should be avoided. If that is your current situation, you definitely should look into adding new outlets, in which case, it could be a good idea to upgrade the wiring at the same time.

You Need To Install New Electrical Circuits

That could mean a new home addition, or simply building a new circuit to a garage. You can build new circuits without replacing the current wires. However, it may be wise to look at the current electrical system to make sure it can sustain the additional circuit. 

You Want To Install More Outlets Or Light Fixtures

Similarly, with creating a new circuit, installing outlets or light fixtures where they don’t exist requires adding new wiring. As mentioned before, that can be done without rewiring the entire house, but if your electrical system is old or there are problems with it, it may save you money, in the long run, to do it all at once.

Cost Of Wiring and Rewiring Your Home

The cost of updating your electrical wiring can be quite expensive. According to Home Guide, the cost of updating your electrical wiring is an average of $2.65 per square foot in the US. Of course, this number will be higher in houses where the wires are more difficult to access, and/or the electrician’s hourly rate and materials are higher. 


A complete house rewiring can be expensive. If you are experiencing any problem with your current electricity and your wiring is over 30 years old, chances are that updating your writing is your best bet to solve all the problems once and for all. If your wires are in a good stage, a simple repair or panel upgrade may suffice your goals. Have an electrician inspect your wires and amperage for an individual recommendation.

When Should I Rewire My House?